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In Living Color

Latvian-born American abstract painter Mark Rothko once said, “If you … are moved only by the color relationships, then you miss the point.” These words of wisdom apply not only within the art world, but also hold true when it comes to interior design. While color is often the first element we consider when designing the look of our home, it’s important to balance shade and hue with interesting patterns and varying textures. Doing so creates a sense of balance and cohesiveness within a space. Whether you’re mixing up the palette in a muted room with a
cheerful pop of color, breaking up clean lines and smooth shapes with a chunky, textured throw or pillow, or using a bold pattern to create visual interest in a room, playing with color, pattern and texture can elevate your space and celebrate your personality. Because such techniques can seem intimidating for those not used to mixing such elements, we’ve turned to interior designer and owner of Wilhouse Designs, Andrea Wilson, for tips on how she successfully incorporates these into her own home and the homes of her clients in a way that is tasteful, effortless, and eye catching.

For Andrea, interior design is about more than aesthetics. “It’s not just about having a room that looks beautiful. I often ask my clients, ‘How does this design make
you feel?’” Color is making a comeback in many homes, as people are moving away from the more muted, all-white or gray looks and incorporating pops of color and bold patterns, something Andrea herself embraces. “Being surrounded by color, pattern, and texture is lively and makes you feel more alive when you see it.” Wilson says it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of options homeowners have in ways to make a statement in their own homes. “I always tell clients to follow their gut. You know what you love and what sings to you…lean into that. A good rule of thumb for any room is to start with a base of neutral colors on certain walls, cabinets, and the sofa, then add pops of color with wallpaper, fabrics, and accessories. Try a little bit,” says Andrea, “and see what works for you.” Wilson also encourages her clients to let go of the need to identify their personal style. “I tell my clients that it’s not important to know what your style is. So many pieces and styles can be intermixed in a way that is lovely. I’ve seen a beautiful antique chest with a piece of modern art hanging over it, and it just works. When you avoid boxing yourself into a certain style, you end up creating a look that is timeless.”

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Madison City Farmers Market

The Madison City Farmers Market (MCFM) is a truly local market, offering only products that are grown or made in the Tennessee Valley. The MCFM is a producer-only market and governed by local farmers and consumers. Everything sold at the market is grown or crafted by local farmers and craftspeople within 100 miles of the market. The market gives priority to farmers and farm products, but also includes hand-made and home-made crafts, products, and foods by local artisans.
The market changes from season to season and will expand and contract to allow all that is fresh, local, and plentiful from our farmers. While meats, eggs, cheese, honey, baked goods, and local crafts are available from spring to fall, the seasons bring exciting changes and variety each month.

In the Spring the market explodes with fresh strawberries, tender greens, herbs and bedding plants. Summer brings bountiful supplies of tomatoes, berries, peaches, corn, summer squash and watermelons. Transitioning into fall, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, winter squash and pumpkins abound.

The Madison City Farmers Markets mission is to provide consumers with a choice of fresh, quality produce, food products, handcrafted items and other services. The market purpose is also to provide an outlet for local farmers, producers and artisans to promote their products within the Madison Community.

Saturdays, April-November
8am to 12pm April- September
9am to 12pm October- November

Frequently Asked Questions:
Will the Madison City Farmers Market (MCFM) be open if it rains?
Yes! The market is always open rain or shine. We only close in the case of severe weather, i.e. lightning, high winds, or extreme heat.
Is the market open on holidays or holiday weekends?
Yes! Produce doesn’t stop growing around the holidays, so we will be at the market as usual.
Are pets allowed at the market?
Yes! Pets are welcome at the market as long as they are on a leash at all times, are friendly to people and other animals, and any “accidents” are picked up.
Can I come to the market to promote my organization, business, or candidate?
Soliciting, political campaigning, and fundraising is not allowed in any form at the market.
Are you still accepting applications for potential vendors?
Yes. Applications are compiled and reviewed by the Board of Directors and will not be accepted based on date received.
How do I apply to sell at the market?
Please read the MCFM Rules & Guidelines entirely before completing an application. Many questions you may have concerning the MCFM are answered in the Rules & Guidelines. Email your completed application, as well as any photos you may have showing your products (artisans only), to apply@madisoncityfarmersmarket.com.
What items can be sold at the market?
The MCFM is a producer-only farmers market, so all items must be grown or made by you. The reselling of products is not allowed. See the MCFM Rules & Guidelines for more information.

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